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Too many clicks!

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Why is it that, when I click on "Pages" in the navigation bar, I'm not taken to my list of Pages?? Why, as the instructor, do I have to go through my "Home" page first? 

When I click on Pages, it's because I want to find a Page - why does Canvas assume that I always want to look at my Home page before I do anything else? The Home page - especially after the term starts - is set, and is not going to change. Why make me take that extra click?

And for the record, this is one of the many inefficiencies in Canvas that drives me insane...

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Thanks Adam, I'll do that.

The problem is, it doesn't help.

I've items with hundreds of upvotes get completely ignored while they carry on with whatever their agenda is, sometimes implementing items with many fewer upvotes and some with none at all - just whatever is on their list. 

It's fine to run your business that way if you want - I mean, Instructure is worth over 2 billion dollars, so they can do what they want, right? 

But why ask if you're not going to listen? I'd rather they just stop asking and wasting everybody's time.

We listen when people create feature ideas. We read and process every one of them. We also listen to every Customer Success Manager who passes along feedback from their admins and we listen in other ways too (sales, on-site demos, etc.). That doesn't mean that every single idea that meets a single criterion gets implemented and unfortunately, people take that as not listening. The fact remains that we have a process for suggesting changes that is more productive than complaints in the form of questions and that process does impact what we develop even if it is impossible to see exactly how and when it impacts it. My job is to help you be successful using Canvas and when you have an idea for how Canvas should change the best thing to do with that energy is put it into feature ideas and/or tell your CSM.