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Turnitin Assignment - Hiding Grade

In working with one of our instructors she advised that she "discovered that for the discussion assignments, if I just set the assignment to Manual posting, it will successfully hide the grades until I manually post them.  However, for a Turn-It-In assignment, both the Manual setting and the Hide setting must be activated for it to hide the grades from students."

Has anyone else experienced this?  It may be related to the thread about how content may have been imported from an older course.  But any other help would also be appreciated!

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Community Team


Sorry someone hasn't jumped in yet. 

Were you able to find a solution for this?

Not yet Renee - have you seen it happen before?  Thanks!

I have not, but I also haven't worked with Turnitin in this way. You may also want to check in with their support to see if they see the same thing with their integration.

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@judy_harmon I discovered something along these lines as well. A teacher enquired why her students could see their grades even though it was showing on Speedgrader that the assignment was hidden. When I acted as the student however, the grade was visible and the hidden eye icon not visible. When in the Gradebook in teacher view, and I  hit the 3 dots alongside the assignment, Canvas let me hide the assignment a second time. When I acted as the student this time, the grades had disappeared and the hidden eye icon was now visible.

Not sure if we should make a science out of this, but it would seem on the face of it that the process has to be done twice to hide grades for Turnitin assignments.

To add to my previous comment, I attempted to replicate the issue on a test site, but could not. Given that no one else has commented with similar experiences in this space since the issue was first raised nearly 3 years ago, I suspect that what has been experienced has been a glitch of the syncing kind.