Turnitin LTI/API - limiting who can view submissions

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Hello amazing community

Our tutors have access to Canvas with limited access.

The only permissions they have are;

  • Course Content - view
  • Courses - view list 

Unfortunately they can view students' Turnitin submissions and indiscretion and plagiarism are becoming a concern.

Does anyone know of a way to block access to the Turnitin submissions?

HUGE THANKS in advance. 

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Community Coach

@bturney ...

Did your Canvas admins set up a custom role at the Canvas account level called "Tutors"?  It almost sounds like they did.  Further, if this is true, I wonder if they set up the "Tutors" custom role based off of the "Teacher" role type?  In general, I don't think that you can set permissions for Turnitin within Canvas...as Canvas is a third-party external LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) application that integrates with Canvas.  However, I also wonder if your Canvas admins created a new "Tutors" role based on the "Student" role type instead and then configured the same permissions if things would be any different.  I don't have the ability to test this myself...so that's just an idea I immediately thought of that you might want to try in your own environment.  Assuming you're not a Canvas admin, you might want to have a conversation with those folks at your school to see if this helps at all.

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