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For the guide - How do I view annotation feedback comments from my instructor directly in my assignment submission?

How this works now is great because the feedback shows up automatically when the graded assignment is opened by the student.  I love it because it's evident that annotation feedback has been added by the instructor.

Here is my question.  Is this new view an update in Canvas, the browser or Windows perhaps?  If it's Canvas, could the student guide be updated to reflect the new process?  If it's the browser, then it would be helpful to know how to direct faculty if their students are seeing something different (i.e. the process reflected in the guide).

I just want to be able to offer clarity to why it's working differently than what is found in the student guide.

Many thanks.



I just saw this comment on the board - https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Canvas-Question-Forum/Students-view-of-annotated-feedback/td-p/49....   I also completed a Guide feedback form since the post was dated in February, but the guide has not been updated.  I refer this guide to all the faculty I work with in my SpeedGrader workshops, so an updated guide would be so very helpful.  Thank you so much.




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Good morning, @chaldeat ...

You did the right thing by clicking on the "Leave Feedback" button at the bottom of the Guide you referenced.  I'm sure the Documentation Team at Instructure will review your comments and make any updates to the Guide as necessary.

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