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2021-2022 was our first year using a locally designed course template, which was enabled by our previous in-house IT person.   We have made one small change to the navigation options in the template for the next school year.    My question is, is there anything else that needs to be done, or will the previously enabled course template settings automatically apply to our 2022-2023 courses upon rollover?

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Hi @susan_bormann 

I think the answer depends on what "rollover" means at your school.

Think of a "template" as an automatic course import that occurs whenever a new course is created in the account or sub-account.  If you make changes to the template course, then any subsequent courses that are created in that sub-account will be importing the updated (current) version of the template course.

If you are creating new courses for the 2022-20223 school year as part of the "rollover", then the new courses will get the updated template.  But if you're just removing and replacing students, or creating new sections within the existing courses, then the existing content will not change.

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