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I don't see a way for a student to upload a Kaltura video into an assignment unless they are somehow able to access the Kaltura video in the first place. This isn't an issue if the student can access My Media, but on a mobile device, students cannot access My Media. What suggestions do you have for making it easier for students to get to their videos if they are doing their work from their phone (that doesn't involve YouTube)? 

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Hi @baldwinsh,

I don't believe there is a way to do this within the mobile app (I'm both a Canvas Admin and a Kaltura admin for my institution, so I'm pretty well versed in both systems, but there's always a chance that I just don't know a trick to do something).  Students using their phone should still be able to use their mobile browser (Chrome/Safari/etc) to log in to Canvas, and going that route will give them more features, like being able to use the full Canvas rich content editor (which would allow them to select external tools like Kaltura as they can from a desktop).  We have a message on our institution's Canvas portal page advising students to use traditional desktop/tablets for quizzes and assignments whenever possible, as the apps just don't have full feature parity in every area (and this is one of them).  The apps are great for notifications and some quick work, but I don't think they should ever be the only way students access their courses.

I hope this helps a bit, even if it's not the answer you were hoping for.


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