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Uploading Quizzes

I have been trying to upload chapter quizzes from a prior course.   For example, I upload Quiz 1, it runs the loading process, then I look in the Quizzes panel (on left) and it is there and all the questions look right.   THEN, I try to upload Quiz 2 and it overrights quiz 1 and only quiz 2 shows up.  Is there a checkbox I’m missing?   Thank you for your time and assistance!   Mark

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when you say upload, do you mean import?  I iwould think that a course copy import would be the way to go.  You could then select the specific content (i.e. all your quizzes) and import it.

Just in case - here is the instruction page for importing content:

The behavior of having Quiz 2 overwrite/remove/ Quiz 1 is an interesting behavior.  Without knowing exactly what you are doing, it is tough to say what is happening.