Using Fake (Dummy) students for testing

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I am creating a doctoral study on course design using my free Canvas account. I want the participants to be anonymous. Is there a way I can create fake students within my free account so that the participants are not entering any identifying information to get into the course?

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Community Coach

Yes, you can create accounts for students on the Free for Teachers server by enrolling them on the People page. With your Gmail account, take advantage of task-specific email addresses to create a bunch of dummy accounts (+student1, +student2, etc.). That way all of the prompts to accept the enrollment, create a user account, and type a password will be sent to your Gmail address. So you'll have a set of login credentials for a group of noms d'étudiant ready for distribution to those participating in your study on course design.

I did this for my own testing and training as I find it helpful to use "real" student user accounts for exploring things like groups, peer review, etc.

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