Using Formula Questions to Convert Hex to Decimal

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Hey All,



I'd like to think myself pretty familiar with the new style of Canvas quizzes; however, I want to see if I can further expand my knowledge.


This semester, I am teaching a digital electronics class. Part of the class is understanding number systems, such as base-2 (binary) and base-16 (hex).


My question is hopefully simple to solve; or perhaps a solution does not currently exist:

Can I write a formula question that converts hex to base 10, using variables?


Doing so with binary was straight-forward:

  • Set variables `a` through `e` for a 5bit number. 
  • Set Min/Max to be 0/1 respectively
  • Set formula definition: (a*2^4) + (b*2^3)... and so on.
  • Generate solutions

With Hex, digits go from 0 to F (which represents 15); not-so-possible with variables that can only have numeric Min/Max values.

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I looked into this for you and was unable to find a way to achieve this using New Quizzes.

How do I create a Formula question in New Quizzes? 

This would make a great feature request.

How do I create a new idea conversation in the Instructure Community? 



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