Using MyMedia/Kaltura in Group Discussions?

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We use Kaltura to provide video service for our MyMedia functions. Students and faculty love it and it has greatly helped with accessibility requirements, etc. However, just found out that when assigned a GROUP discussion, students don't have access to their MyMedia. We have a Kaltura icon on the text box "reply" editor, but when students wanted to embed their video from their MyMedia to the group discussion, "Access Denied" appeared. Works fine for regular discussion posts.  Has anyone else experienced this? Thoughts?

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 @barbarao ‌   The issue in Groups is common to most LTI's.  Canvas groups are not really a course so don't pass a course context to the LTI tool and a lot just fail like Kaltrua does.  If they do a standard embed and you allow them to embed external to the LMS as well then this should work.

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