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View Log Didn't Record Quiz Responses

A student in my course took an exam. I was reviewing the view log and it stops at question 15, however there were 31 questions. The student took 54 min to take the quiz and the view log stopped recording his responses after 29 min. He submitted the quiz and answered all 31 questions. When I went into the view log and clicked on questions after #15 it states "the question was never answered." Could he have blocked it somehow in secure mode? I'm just not understanding how all questions were answered and the quiz was submitted, but the log shows nothing after question 15.

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Hello @EricaLinebaugh,

It's possible the quiz log may not be completely accurate. This could be due to factors with the student's system, such as browser caching or internet connection. Its hard to tell what happened for certain without looking at the log, but I'm confident it isn't possible for students to block the logging from happening. I would suggest reaching out to Canvas Support who could take a look at the specific quiz log and run tests to find out the cause of the discrepancies. If unsure how, this guide instructs how to reach out to support: How do I contact Canvas Support? . 🙂