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When students view their assignment they have two choices "show by date" or "show by type". When students click show by type the assignments do not appear with the most recent date at the top. This how to guide has the assignments configured wit the most recent at the top.

Where is the setting or process to get assignments to show for students with the most recent assignments at the top? 

Thank you for any assistance, 

Lee Fritz - District Technology Facilitator 


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Community Coach

Hi @lfritz,

When the "view by type" option is chosen, the assignments would appear in whatever order the teacher has them on their assignment page.  On the guide you linked, you'll see under the Assignments category that things there are not ordered by date, so this is intended functionality to give teachers more freedom to pick the order they think things should appear in (and some things may not have a date at all).

To see all dated assignments in order,  students would need to use the "show by date" option and then not see the assignment category names.

I hope this explanation helps a bit.


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