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I have students submit a discussion question each week. Is there any way to view them all at once without clicking through each student in "speed grader"? In other words, could I see a list of their responses in one document or place. 

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Hi  @kmmccull  Welcome to the Canvas Community. By "submit" I have to assume you mean they reply to a graded discussion prompt that you post weekly. (If a student submits their own discussion TOPIC by clicking the +Discussion button, it's not graded and will therefore not appear in SpeedGrader at all.) 

Unfortunately the answer is "no," though I encourage you to vote up this Feature Idea: .  The closest thing that exists currently is the ability to input grades for different assignments through the New Gradebook, courtesy of the ability to navigate from assignment-to-assignment for the same student as shown under the Enter Grade Via Grade Detail Tray heading here: but unfortunately that's just for grading and comments and does not show the student's submission.  (Though one can get to SpeedGrader from there, as well...though I imagine that's more mouse clicks than you have in mind!)

Sorry I can't think of anything else, Keiko!

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