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Websocket Error 1002


Sometimes during my conference, I get a Websocket Error 1002 notification and my audio gets disconnected.

This is very disturbing while teaching. How do I fix this? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @farnekf ...

Assuming that you are using the Conferences course navigation button in your course...  I am not sure of an answer for you, but I would like to bring @ffdixon into this conversation in hopes that he will be able to help answer your question. Good luck to you!

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A few questions ... do you get this error initially or after you join the audio?  Is it happening for all classes, or just some classes?   How long has this error been happening?


Regards,... Fred

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Hi @ffdixon 

I have different class timings:
It never occurs at my 7am-8am class, but sometimes during 9:30am-10:30am class and mostly during the 1:20pm-2:10pm class
(Timings mentioned in Arabian Standard Time)

It doesn't happen in the beginning, I do get connected to the conference and my audio sounds fine during the mic test.
I get the notification of Websocket Error 1002 while the class is going on and then my Wi-Fi network also disconnects.
This keeps happening many times, almost on a daily basis.

I've been using BBB on Canvas since March 2020, but this error started from early October 2020.

If it's of more help, my OS is Windows and I'm connected to the Wi-Fi of my home router, which doesn't disconnect for my phone during this error.

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I'm waiting for any possible help! @ffdixon