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In Chemistry, I currently calculate a weighted lecture average AND a weighted lab average in Blackboard.  After completing Canvas training (which we switch to this fall), I notice that only ONE weighted average is permitted in Canvas. I've also searched online for an option to calculate separate weighted averages - any thoughts?  I haven't discovered a means to complete this task in Canvas.  As an alternative, I can record the individual lab report/quiz grades in Canvas and then load them into Excel to calculate a weighted average for Lab.

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Hi @WilliamKucera 

I am not sure where you learned that only one weighted average is permitted in Canvas, but any and all assignment groups can be weighted, so you could create an assignment group for labs and weight it, you could create an assignment group for assignments, one weighted group for quizzes, etc. within one course. The following guides will help.

If this is not the answer you are looking for, please provide further details so that we can better help you.


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