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Weighted Multiple Choice Quiz Answers

Is there a way to weight answers to multiple choice answers (as in BrightSpace - D2L)?

To keep grade book calculations simple, I typically reward 100% correct answer and 50% for a wrong answer (which gives credit for at least attempting the quiz question).


Blue is a color.

a. Yes (100%)

b. No (50%)

c. not-Yes (50%)

The way it is implemented in the grade book, if a student gets one question correct, it is completely cancelled out if they get one wrong.

I looked at Multiple Answer questions and it doesn't do this either.

Thank you!

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Hi @mstrange1,

Do you know if your institution has New Quizzes turned on? Allocating different point values for each answer choice is possible there.

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@mstrange1 ...

To piggyback on what @kmallen has stated, here is a Guide for multiple choice questions in New Quizzes that allows for varying point values for each multiple choice possibility:

How do I create a Multiple Choice question in New Quizzes?