What exactly do I need to do to allow a student to take a quiz late?

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I want to allow a student to take a quiz late, after the original "until" date has passed.  I see on the "Moderate Quiz" window that I select "Manually unlock the quiz for next attempt".  However, does this override the fact that the "until" date has passed?  On this page:  https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Instructor-Guide/Once-I-publish-a-quiz-how-can-I-give-my-students... I see:

"If your quiz is locked because of accessibility dates, you will need to unlock the quiz for the student by clicking the manually unlock the quiz for the next attempt checkbox"

but then just below that:

"Quiz availability dates still apply when moderating a quiz. If the Until date passes before a student completes their extra attempt, any in-progress quizzes auto-submit and the quiz closes, even if the student's attempt has not expired."

These two statements seem to contradict each other...  Does anyone know if selecting the "manually unlock the quiz for the next attempt" checkbox is sufficient, or do I ALSO need to extend the "until" date just for this student?

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Here's the short answer: You need to make sure that the student has an "attempt" in Moderate Quizzes AND change the availability date of the quiz. You must do BOTH.

Adding an "attempt" by itself is not sufficient. You must also set up when the student will be able to access the quiz.


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@toms -

@SusanNiemeyer is correct.  However, what I do in situations like yours is just assign the quiz to that student with a later due and until date.  in the area where you decide who is taking the quiz, add another entry and just put that student into it and then put in whatever dates you want.  That way all the other students see the original dates.  Plus, if you feel that other students that missed it should also be given that opportunity you can just add them into  the new entry as well.  Also, depending on why the student is taking it late, you can make the due date for the single student the same as the original quiz and just set the until date at a much later time.  That way the submission is marked late - if that matters as well.


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