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What happens if person who creates and shares new quiz item bank has their account is deleted

Testing New Quizzes and Item Bank sharing.

Adjusting to an item bank owned/belongs to user instead of course.
-We have instructional designers who will create quizzes and item banks and then hand off to instructor.

User A creates an item bank and shares with 10 colleagues in 10 different courses.

User A leaves the organization and their user account is deleted from Canvas.

What is the impact on the former user's item banks and their colleagues who rely on those item banks?


Kevin Nolan

Colorado State U Canvas Admin

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I would also like to know the answer to this question. I am looking for an item bank that appears to have been deleted? I didn't create it but I did delete the course that it was being used in, and now despite restoring the course, the item bank still isn't showing up for me.