What happens to students assessments if I remove or deactivate students

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Hi There everyone,

We have a self-paced course, so no start or end date.

I now have a bunch of students who have completed the course that are sitting in the course.

Do I deactivate them? or How do I "Store" their student results and remove them from the course, so it stops the course from getting cluttered?

Is there an archive?


Thanks for any help


Lynz Wilmsey

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Community Coach

Good afternoon, @LynzWilmsey ...

Have you read through this Guide?  How do I deactivate an enrollment in a course?   If you are not able to do this yourself, you would need to have a conversation with your school's Online Learning / eLearning / Distance Learning team (or Canvas administrator) to talk about your options.  Keep in mind that if you remove a student completely from the course, then the assignments will also disappear that were submitted by the student.  If you later re-enroll the student, everything comes back.

You might try this first in your school's "test" Canvas environment to see how it all works before doing anything in your normal "production" environment.  Just be sure to log out of the "test" environment before you log back in to your normal "production" environment...so as to not get confused about which environment you're working in.

Hope this helps!

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