What-if grade glitch for unposted grades?

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Hi, I took an auto-graded exam and my grade for it in the gradebook hasn't been posted yet so it originally wasn't showing, but I accidentally clicked on the what-if feature on the grade and the what-if grade text box automatically set to an actual grade. Is this a glitch or is it actually showing my real grade ?

I'm hoping this is a glitch for reasons you can infer. Im very sad


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@booboo3 ...

Oh, I see.  I wonder if your browser was possibly saving some numbers in text fields?  To resolve this, you might try clearing your browser history/cache.  Follow the steps in the linked Guide, and then completely close your browser.  Then, re-start your browser.  See if the issue is still there or not.

Please let us know if this might resolve the issue for you.

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