What is the 14 digit number after the name in downloaded submission file?

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When I Download Submissions from SpeedGrader, and extract the zip file, I find all the students' submission files. Each file name contains LastNameFirstName_6digitnumber_14digitnumber_SubmissionFileName.

My question is, what is this 6digitnumber_14digitnumber ?

I want to calculate how many hours late an assignment is submitted. I assume this 6digitnumber_14digitnumber might be somehow related to the submission date and time.

Please tell me if there is any way to calculate the late submission hours from the file name.

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@JobayerAhmmed -

What @ColtonSwapp told you provides information on those numbers (though the ones I see or not as large as what you state) - which you can't use for determining how late a submission is.

Looking on Speedgrader will show you that information, but it may not be what you want.  if you are grading student by student, then it will be fine.

As a side note I am assuming that you have a due date/time that is earlier than the until date/time so that there actually is a late window.

If this is for assignments, then without using API's, you will have to look at the submission times on speedgrader - that gives you an idea of how late it is and this may be your best option.

If you can work with excel and you have several files you need to look at (highly unlikely), go to new analytics for the course, then reports and then late assignments.  You get a csv file that lists all late assignments and has the submission date and times for those assignments.  Unfortunately, it only has the due date - not date and time, so you would have to add that information.   From the information provided there, you can use excel calculations to figure out how late an assignment is.  I did this a few years ago when I wanted to check if students were submitting information for two quizzes in the amount of time allotted.  I have the information, but do not recall how I came up with the formulas.  Probably not worth it for just a few late submissions



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