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What will happen to Classic Test Bank?

When Classic Quizzes is retired, what will happen to the test banks?  Will these be deleted or will there be a way to continue to access them?  The transferring of questions from Classic to New is rather clunky and time consuming.  I'd like to avoid the hassle if possible.

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Oh god, please don't retire classic quizzes! I've never been able to figure out how to use the new quiz feature. It's so much more cumbersome and I can never find the features I wish to use!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there, @William42 and @erica_wagner ...

You might want to head on over to the blog by @SuSorensen called Sunsetting Classic Quizzes Q&A - Instructure Community.  She has lots of information posted in there, and there are lots of people asking questions.  In fact, the concerns you have brought up here might be answered over in her blog.  So, just wanted to point you over to that resource if you've not seen it yet.