When Synching Assignments they are Not Showing Up in Grade Passback or Synergy

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I have Special Ed and On-Level students in the same class and wanted to make sure the Special Ed students had extended time on the assignments.  I read on one of the forums that if I go into the class Settings>Sections and create 2 groups, A and B  (On-Level and Special Ed) and place each student in one of those groups, I can then assign differentiated due dates for the assignments.  When the SPED and On-Level students open their modules, they will see different due dates.  

I recently did this over the past few weeks.  All of my students are seeing the different due dates (and sometimes differentiated assignments) as planned.  So far so good.  

However, when trying to sync my grades from Canvas to Synergy, none of the differentiated assignments even synch over to Synergy.   When I dig deeper, I check the Canvas Grade Logs and the Grade Passback does not even show that most of the assignments are even there.  There is no record in Grade Passback that some of the assignments even exist.   The assignments that I do see in Grade Passback say: "Cannot find due date for assignment "8.2 ET DOI (Exit Ticket-Declaration of Independence) (ALL) ", skipping" even though the grades are clearly placed when making the assignment.  Those grades also, do not post.  

I have 7 assignments that are like this x 130 students.   I really don't know what do and our computer tech person has not been able to figure this out.  


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