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When forwarding messages, is the original sender informed?

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When using Canvas built-in message service to forward a message from one user to another, is the sender of the forwarded message ever informed of this? That is, can they find out if the message was forwarded?

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Hi @MajoY 

As far as I know, the answer is no. The original sender is not notified. But, since I have never tested that, I have just got to test it.

This may take a bit, but if I learn something different, I will come back and let you know.



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Hello @MajoY ...

I just tested this in my own Canvas environment using two dummy accounts, Frodo Baggins and Optimus Prime.  I found a past message in my Canvas Inbox between me and Optimus Prime.  I forwarded the message I had received from Optimus Prime to Frodo Baggins.  I then logged in as Frodo Baggins (I am a Canvas administrator at our Technical College, so I can do this).  I was able to see the message I forwarded in Frodo's Inbox.  I then logged in as Optimus.  The message I forwarded to Frodo did not appear in Optimus' Inbox.  So, to answer your question, it appears that a user would not be notified if you forwarded their message in your Inbox to another user.

Hope this helps a bit.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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