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Why can't I access course side pages?

On a canvas page for one of my classes, over half of the side pages are inaccessible. I do not believe this is an issue for other students. It just has a grayed out box that says " refused to connect". All permissions for the site are allowed (pop-ups, redirects, java, etc. Literally all of them). This doesn't happen on other canvas course pages. At one point I "solved" the problem as long as I only accessed the canvas page from a non-logged in chrome browser. (it also worked on another persons logged in one). But it doesn't work on either my school email browser, or my personal email browser. And now it has stopped working for even the non logged in one. I can access the mini-pages for the class homepage, quiz page, and grades page. Other students in the class all have access to those pages.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Margaret,

I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with this.  It looks like the version of Chrome that you are using is up to date and supported.  Have you tried logged out of Canvas, clearing your browser cache and history and then logging back in?