Why does the calendar indicate how many students were assigned an individual assignment? It's confusing.

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Assume I create an individual assignment--Let's call it "Homework One."  I assign it for 4 students to do individually, due on April 1. (This is NOT a group assignment!)  In the Canvas calendar on April 1, each student will see this exact wording, including the part in parentheses:

"Homework One (4 students)"

1. Why is Canvas telling each student how many students I've assigned this homework to?  They don't need to know that information.  Perhaps I don't want them to know that information.

2. The information "4 students" is confusing.  More than one of my students has looked at the wording "4 students" and assumed that Homework One is a group assignment that 4 students have to do together.

My suggestion: Eliminate the "4 students" wording in the calendar entry.  I was told by my school's IT that I cannot manually delete "4 students" myself in the calendar entry, so this will have to be a software change by Instructure.

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Hi @M_Williams_PV  -- this question actually seems like something to submit as an Idea for an improvement in Canvas.  And I can totally understand where students do not need to know this information, and how it can be confusing.   I highly recommend you submit this as an Idea:  

To learn more about the ideas process, feature development, and how to participate, please read our Ideas and Themes guides

This is where to go to Submit an Idea


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