Why does the student login page ask for a email, when in reality you sign in with a username?

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I have been trying to sign into an account I made to access a course code for a class I'm taking and EVERY time I tried to sign in, I was given a "wrong username/password" error. The sign-in page specifically gives  you a "Email" text box, followed by a "Password" text box to enter your information.

Given this information, one would assume you would enter a email/password combination to successfully login to your account. Well, it's not. Instead, after an hour of trial an error, I tried a username/password combo and WOW it works.

If in reality you need to login with your username and password. Why wouldn't the login page have a "Username" text box, followed by a "Password" text box to enter your information instead? It's poorly designed and points you in the wrong direction for no reason. Excuse my frustration, it just wasted time is all.


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Hi JohnBogarin,

Email is the Canvas default. Canvas does allow for Canvas Admins to change the verbiage. Here is the link to how this is done. 


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