Why is grade override letter grades calculated diffrent than letter grades for assignments?

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Does anybody know the reason why letter grades are calculated different when using grade override than if you just grade assignments? I think this behavior is very confusing for our teachers, and can couse some unintended results if the teacher is not observent of what is shown in the student view of Grades. The teacher can see a A++ in the column for grade override, but the student will see the result as 94 % ( The letter grade are stragly enough shown someware up to the right on the students grades page). If the theacher puts A++ in an assignment column, the student will get 100%.

I wish that the letter grade-to-persentage calculation would be consistent across gradebook. It would be easyier to explain to the teachers and students. In practise this means that the teacher must remeber to put in percentage in the override column and not letter grades, since the two actions will get diffrent results.


From the teacher guides:
"When a final grade override is entered as a letter grade, the percentage score for the assignment is the lower limit of the range assigned to that letter grade in the grading scheme."

From the release notes:
"For an override score, a letter grade results in the lower value of the grading scheme. This behavior varies from entering letter grades for individual assignments, where entries take the higher value of the grading scheme. "

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I ended up getting more information from the Instructure product team! I wanted to share what they said and confirm that this design is intentional.


  • When using grading schemes in a course, if an instructor enters a letter grade for an assignment, the percentage score records the upper bound of the percentage interval.
  • When using grading schemes in a course, if an instructor enters a letter grade as a final grade override, the percentage score is recorded as the lower bound of the percentage interval given that instructors typically bump the grade by the smallest amount needed to move the student up a grade.
  • If an instructor wishes to provide a specific percentage score/grade, they should enter it as a percentage, not the letter grade.

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