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Widget or tool for zoom room status

Hi all,

Is there any widget or tool that I could add to my course homepage that would show when I'm logged into my zoom room for online office hours? Figured if students can see like a green light or something and a button to take them right there, it might simulate the experience of seeing an instructor's door open and popping in for a question. I'm always looking for ways to further encourage students to spontaneously drop in and connect if they could use help on something.

If there isn't something like this already made, is it possible for someone to independently make one and use it in a course? Or would it have to be something officially developed and released by Canvas? Thanks for any guidance on this!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @vanbene ...

This is an interesting thought, and I could see where this might be useful to your students.  Unfortunately, I cannot think of anything available that would accomplish what you are asking.  To be honest, I'm not sure if Zoom has this capability when using it outside of Canvas.  You might want to reach out to the folks at Zoom to see if something like this is possible or could be developed.

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Thanks for the response! I'll check with the zoom people on it and see where it goes from there.