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How do you do a word count on a document submitted from a student on Canvas?  It was very easy to do on Google Docs, but I can't figure it out on Canvas.  

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 @psmiley , the best I can think of is to either open the document in Word or Google Doc’s and get the word count from there. There is a feature idea for this that’s on product radar and you might want to vote and add your feedback on why this feature would be helpful to have - https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/3454-word-count-for-speedgrader-grading 

Hope this helps!


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Pam, I'm going to add one other potentially useful idea.  If you are wanting word counts on Discussion posts, click the Edit button next to a student post to see a word count below the Rich Content Editor.  After seeing the number click Cancel so that no edits actually take place.


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"If you use Chrome or Firefox, install an extension called “Word Count Tool”. I could not find a similar tool in Safari yet, but please share if you find one. Once installed, highlight any text (or the entire paper), right click, and then click on “Word Count Tool”, you will be able to see the detailed Word Count information."

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