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Work-around for Using Rubric for Resubmissions?


Is there any work-around for saving rubric comments from a first draft when updating the rubric for a second draft/resubmission?

I'm thinking of situations where the only ones resubmitting are those who didn't meet the goals the first time. So separate assignments for first and second draft wouldn't work—every student will not need to complete that second draft, and some students may need third or fourth drafts (I'm a writing teacher).

The only thing I can come up with is to screenshot the rubric as filled out and add it as an attachment in the comments. After that, blank out the rubric for the second draft comments. That creates extra work and the need for OCR/a transcript for the image. Possibly very ugly, odd screenshots because of the column width limitations in the rubric as well.

Anyone have a better idea?

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I found this Feature Idea," modifiedtitle="tr..., which might be of interest to you.  If you feel that this Feature Idea aligns with something you would like to see in Canvas, I would encourage you to vote on it and maybe add a comment to the bottom of it letting Instructure know why this kind of feature would be important to you.


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@Mose986 ...

I'm not sure that what you've included here relates to the question that @tengrrl is asking.  Traci seems to be asking about re-using comments in rubrics for assignment re-submissions.  The link in your response takes people to a link for a Feature Idea suggestion about having multiple rubrics for a given assignment.  And, the paragraph at the very bottom of your response sounds a lot like feedback I would give.  Did you, by chance, copy something from one of my responses?  Just curious.

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Multiple rubrics would work—if it worked as the comments do. Something like "Rubric for this attempt" would be the solution. NOT thinking of different crtieria in the rubric.

Since we don't have a rubric for each attempt, I was looking for an alternative.

Thanks for the comments. Still would be happy to hear if anyone has a better way to keep the old rubric while creating an update for the new attempt.



@tengrrl Currently we do not have a way to use the past rubric comments to grade but you might check here to see if anyone else has asked about this.