Wrong email on google form for quiz, but email for CANVAS is correct

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On one particular class, when I go in to take the quizzes, they are linked to a different email that my CANVAS email. I am not showing any progress in the class and not earning any "badges" that I am completing modules. When I hit switch account, it opens the google form in a new window under the correct account, but is not registering in CANVAS, 

The course is offered through Nevada Department of Education and us my personal email for that account. My CANVAS is set up with my work email. How can I remedy?

Thank you! 

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Thank you for contacting the Canvas Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with your email on Canvas. It sounds like you may want to make sure your default email is setup correctly. You can change and verify this by clicking on Account and  settings. Here is the Canvas guide:


If  that  doesn't fix the issue (it should) you may want to  reset your Google integration within your Canvas.


Hopefully this helps!

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