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are attachments forwarded as well?

are attachments forwarded as well? how do you forward attachments?

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Forwarded?  Can you provide more context about what you are trying to do?

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I have tried multiple times to forward a message with an attachment and they don't seem to go. For example, if a student messages me and has a question about an asisgnment they have attached, but I need to send that specifically to their instructor, when I forward the message, the instructor cannot see the attachment nor can the instructor see the initial message from the student. I think I'm doing something wrong!

Hi @deerhake_13 ...

Unfortunately, I was unable to replicate what you are experiencing in the Canvas Inbox.  I logged in as a fake dummy student account, "Frodo Baggins".  I sent a message via Frodo's Inbox with a small JPG image attachment to another fake dummy student, "Optimus Prime".  Then, I logged in as Optimus to read that message in Optimus' Canvas Inbox.  I then forwarded that message to my own Canvas Inbox.  When I opened up my own Inbox, I saw the message from Optimus, and below that I saw the message from Frodo with his attached JPG image.

You might want to reach out to Canvas Support if that workflow is not working for you.  How do I contact Canvas Support?

Please keep us updated on your progress...thanks!