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We are trying to create an ordering question where students have to place planets from closest to the sun to farthest from the sun. We want the whole question to be worth 8 points (1 point per correct planet placement). However, it ends up grading all or nothing when we try it out, even if, let's say, we get 6/8 correct. Is this fixable? We were hoping that there was a way that a student could earn 6 points out of the possible 8 rather than missing all 8.

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Hi there, @staylor98 ...

Sounds like a great question for your students. I can see why using the "Ordering" question type would be the most appropriate for this kind of question. However, I don't think that question type will work just exactly for your needs. What would you think of making your question a "Matching" question instead? Here is an example I created from my own sandbox course using New Quizzes:

Screenshot 2022-11-28 163128.jpgScreenshot 2022-11-28 163211.jpg

From a student perspective, they would have drop-down lists where they would have to choose the name of the planet based on its location relative to the Sun. The only downside to this is that if a student chooses Mercury, for example, for the first response...then Mercury is still a choice for the other drop-down lists...if that matters to you. The drop-down lists do not eliminate choices that have already been used by the student.

Hopefully this might be a workable solution for you. Keep us posted here in the Community...thanks!

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