bulk downloading Canvas 'quiz' uploads

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c. 300 students have uploaded 4 PDF files each for an online Canvas 'quiz'.

I want to bulk download these to mark them more efficiently.

It seems that I do not have this option in Canvas: the 'download' option doesn't exist for me under Speedgrader or elsewhere.

How do I do this?


[1] Canvas 24/7 support : has anyone had success getting help with this from them?  ("can't help you" is the reply we've just received, after escalating it.  This is poor customer support: Canvas has access to these files; ZIPping them to me couldn't be more than 5 min work.)
[2] Canvas API pull
[3] Third party slurper (e.g. a Chrome extension)

Any help appreciated - thanks!


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At this time file submissions cannot be downloaded in New Quizzes, this has been submitted as a feature request and is currently open for conversation. You can vote on that feature request here.

Download All File Submissions for New Quizzes

You can download submissions for an assignment using this guide


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