bulk publishing and unpublishing of modules, assignments, files

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Is it possible to publish all the assignments and all the files within a module at the same time, or to publish or unpublish all the modules within a course at the same time?

I've recently copied a course's contents into a new course, and am trying to unpublish everything.  Is it necessary to click on the unpublish button for each individual item or is there a more efficient way of getting this accomplished?

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Community Team


I'm sorry you didn't get a super quick answer on this.  And  @twassmer  I hope this will help you as well.

How do I use Draft State in Modules? is the guide that covers publishing and unpublishing modules.  I believe this specific section is what you are looking for clarity on?  

Please be aware that the status of the Module overrides the state of module items. If an item is published within an unpublished module, students cannot view the item on the Modules page but they can still view the published items in other areas of Canvas.

If you are seeking more advanced features in module publishing and unpublishing you may want to comment or vote on https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/6173-publish-unpublish-all-option 

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi! I have great news to share with everyone who has followed this thread!

The Bulk Publish and Unpublish Module Items option has been added to Canvas. Please read the Canvas Release Notes (2023-06-17) for more information.

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