can't type my answers in using my keyboard.

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i'm trying to do the SSPRNBSN. There are a lot of questions to answer and it says to type in your answer. I'm new to online learning. I used the pen but it's too much writing with my mouse. I tried to type in, but it's not allowing me to type with my keyboard. How can I type my answers in without using the pen.(The little icon that says add notes in the toolbox). Thanks

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Hi Deidra,

Welcome to the Canvas Community and welcome to online learning.  I hope taking these classes helps you in your career.

It appears that the person or persons who designed the course you are taking chose to upload interactive content into your course (rather than creating it natively in Canvas).  In testing I can see that some of this interactive content is not performing as I would imagine it was designed to.  Unfortunately you will need to contact your instructor and/or academic program for assistance with this.



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