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Why is that the first 50 items in my Canvas question banks look normal and everything past 50 is now reformatted to html. The attached image shows question 50 as it should be and when I click on "more Questions" it displays the remaining ones as html ! This is affecting every Testbank in all my courses; never had this issue before.

items 1-50 ok, the rest display as htmlitems 1-50 ok, the rest display as html

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Community Coach

Hi @StanAlkhaz,

I reported this bug a couple weeks ago, and received a notification from Canvas support saying the fix is anticipated to go out to production this week.  Hopefully by Thursday or Friday, this should no longer be an issue.  In the meantime though, I'd always encourage you to report issues like this to Canvas Support, even if you see others like me have reported them already.  It helps Canvas support prioritize the issues and get a better idea of the overall impact the issue is causing.

Hope this helps!


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