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course syllabus

I have copied and imported the course syllabus for POLS 30071 into Canvass. But it is "disabled," and the students can't see it. How do I fix this ?

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Community Coach

Hi there, @SotiriosBarber ...

By "disabled", do you mean that your Canvas (just one "s", by the way) course is not published (so that students aren't able to access it)?  If that is the case, then you'd need to "publish" your course.  How do I publish a course?  Be sure to go through your course before publishing to make sure that you've got things set up the way you want.  This will save you some troubles down the road if things are not how you want them and students start looking at the content and doing work.

Hopefully I've interpreted your question correctly.  If not, please provide some more details on your question so that Community members can continue to help you...thanks!

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Another thing you can check is to make sure that the Syllabus is in the top list of course navigation links so that it is enabled for students to view. How do I manage Course Navigation links?