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We currently use SIS to import our users and enrollments. Can someone tell me if the term of a course has been completed, do you still need to include those users in the SIS import? For example, once our Year 12 students depart the school, do we have to continue including every year cohort in the files in order to keep them as being visible in the gradebook using the concluded/inactive flags? 

If we wanted to check the submitted assignments or marks of students that have left the school is there another way to do it?


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Hello @greg_dabelstein 

This is a great question and it relates to how your SIS handles imports into Canvas. I would want to ask if you run your imports with a full batch update.

When a SIS Import is ran with the option full batch update checked, everything not contained in the imported files is deleted. This is the only case that I would think you would want to include previous users in your imported files.

See Batch Mode explained in our API documentation here:

'If the option to do a "full batch update" is selected in the UI, then this SIS upload is considered to be the new canonical set of data, and data from previous SIS imports that isn't present in this import will be deleted.'

If you are not running a full batch update however, there would be no need to keep including any previous users in subsequent SIS Imports as the data will still be present in Canvas and will not be removed.


Hope this helps!

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