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I added extra credit later in the semester but want the final grades to be out of only 100 points, how do I fix this in the final grades

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Hi  @nkousale  - There are not too many ways around having extra points with extra credit when students do the work for it.  To be clear, some of the ways to add extra credit in Canvas are covered here: How do I give extra credit in a course? , so you want to be sure that you look over that lesson if you have not already.  It sounds like you are using a strictly points-based gradebook. (That is, without weighted assignment groups.)  Assuming all of your assignments added up to 100 points and you then added extra credit, that extra credit assignment should have been worth 0 points.  That way, anyone who doesn't do it will not be penalized, whereas those who do will have some points added on in addition to what they are already getting. 

How many points?  That's up to you.  When I gave extra credit in a class, I would usually have in the assignment description something along the lines of Doing this assignment can add up to 5 extra points to your score or something like that.  So first you communicate how much extra the students can earn and make sure they understand that the assignment says it's worth 0 points, but that's only so it won't penalize people who don't do it.

I hope this helps, Nicole!

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