how to assign different percentages to individual assignments within a group assignment?

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I have a group assignment (Final Project 35% of final grade) which as three sections (3 separate assignments). Each section is worth a different percentage and I want to grade each section based on 100 points per assignment.

Final project is 35% of final grade (Section 1= 5%, Section 2= 15%, Section 3 = 15%)

How do I enter this into Canvas so that the weighted grade is recorded in the gradebook?

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In Canvas, you can have Assignment Groups, but not Assignment Subgroups. In order for your final grade to be weighted properly, I would suggest the following Assignment Groups:

Assignments - 65%  (or however you have broken this down)

Final Exam Section 1 - 5%

Final Exam Section 2 - 15%

Final Exam Section 3 - 15%

In the future, if you want just one Assignment Group for your Final Exam, then you'll need to work on your point system. For example:

Final Exam Section 1 - 10 points

Final Exam Section 2 - 30 points

Final Exam Section 3 - 30 points


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