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jpg not showing on Safari AND Chrome

jpg not showing up on Safari AND Chrome for one of the schools my child is enrolled in. All images shows up fine for another school he is in so it is not parental control, router issue, etc. We tried disabling cross-site tracking in Safari and clearing cache in Chrome to no avail. All browsers are up to date and the computer itself is less than 2 years old and run the latest OS. Reached out to Canvas help but no answer yet. He can't answer any questions on tests/quizzes if a picture is involved and already missed out on points opportunities.  Please help!!!

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Hello @LH23 

Thanks for posting this in the global Canvas Community! 

I am very sorry that child's having trouble loading jpg images. These issues can be a bit tricky sometimes when they occur. 

It sounds like you have tried some basic troubleshooting with this (Clearing cache, disabling cross site tracking in Safari, and trying multiple browsers)

  • I'm not sure if this is occurring on a school issued or personal device. Do the images load while using an incognito/private browser?   
  • It could be a blocked cookie or permission. You could check permissions in Chrome to see if something is blocked there. Same with Cookies and third party cookies. With Safari you would check the application preferences. Sometimes things will get blocked there by accident. First places to check there are under the 'Privacy' and 'Websites' tab. 
  • It could be an extension. Since it is occurring in both browsers, I don't think this is the case, but I have seen certain extension act up occasionally 
  • Lately, it could also just be an issue with the image in the Canvas course. Sometimes things break by accident, in which the instructor needs to fix. 

Let us know if you find out what is it. I am very curious.