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We recently implemented the brand new Microsoft Onedrive LTI into our Canvas LMS.
Everything seems to work fine, however the behaviour is very different than before.
This is what we notice:

- when a teacher adds a file from his/her Onedrive into a course, a Microsoft 365 Group is created in the Microsoft Tenant of your organisation, and the file of the Onedrive of the teacher is copied into a folder "Shared Documents" in that new created Microsoft 365 Group

This means that for each course, a Microsoft 365 group is created.

That behaviour looks fine, but it no longer supports the idea of having "ONE FILE" in your own Onedrive that can be used in different courses. A lot of our teachers have multiple courses in Canvas in which they want to use the same file. To avoid having to change x times the same file in the different canvas-courses, the old Microsoft LTI supports the behaviour to link a onedrive file into different courses. If a change in the file is needed, only the one source-file in the onedrive of the teachers needs to be changed and all students in the different courses will see the same change.

In the new LTI the onedrive-file is copied each time into a new Microsoft 365 group, hence creating x versions of that file in different groups.

While this new LTI integration certainly offers a lot of improvement and (other) advantages, there doesn't seem to be a way to get the same behaviour as before: one onedrive file that can be used in multiple courses.

Is there a way to get that old behaviour back? Or to disable the creation of a new micrsoft 365 group for èach course? Does anyone has similar needs? What are your experiences (positive and negative) with the new Microsoft LTI in Canvas?

Many thanks in advance!

Bert Van den Broeck
Thomas More University College

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