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An instructor that worked at Butler County AVTS quit. She designed a course under her sign in. I am now the new teacher and want to see if I can access her course?

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Good morning, @TonyaBlank ...

If you are using a paid Canvas environment (not the Free For Teacher version), you'll need to reach out to your school's Canvas administrator to see if he/she can give you access to that instructor's course.  There is no administrator side to the FFT version of Canvas.  If she can still access that course and add you as an instructor, that might be another possibility. 

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Community Coach

@TonyaBlank , in addition to what @Chris_Hofer mentioned, you can also see if that course has been shared as a resource under Canvas Commons. From there, you will be able to import that course specifically into your course. However if not, I'd do what Chris mentioned.

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