Problems with quiz monitoring apps.

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Hi. I am an instructor that formerly used Respondus Lockdown Browser to monitor my quizzes in Canvas. I copied the quiz over to the new course and want to use Honorlock but Respondus is conflicting with it. My school no longer uses the Respondus App, so I cannot turn it off even in my former class.  What do I do?

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Hi @bcos2460,

As Respondus and Honorlock are both 3rd party integrations with Canvas, I think you'll need to contact your school/institution Canvas team (usually in the eLearning / IT / Digital Education areas) to ask about the configurations.  The Instructure Community is made up of users around the world, but we don't have access to your specific Canvas environment, integrations, configurations, etc to provide specific guidance on something like this.

I hope the info helps a bit!


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