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publishing part but not all of course

The campus moved some of my courses from Blackboard to Canvas (a helpful thing).  But I do not want to "publish" the whole course, but just parts of it.  Isn this possible, or do I just start over with a new course listing?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

@RichardHyslop ...

When you publish a course, you are making the course itself available to your students.  However, as you design your course content, you can choose whether or not to publish certain things in your course or hide them from students until you are ready to release the content.  For example, you can publish or hide content pages, quizzes, discussions, and assignments.  You can even publish or hide entire modules that contain those pages, quizzes, discussions, and assignments.  If you don't publish entire modules, the items in those modules won't be accessible to students until you publish the modules.

Does this help to answer your question?

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