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Gradebook Showing 0 “F” for all students in all courses with no work yet published

Students are starting the year with a 0 “F” in every course. We have our teachers using assignment categories which are currently empty because assignments are unpublished and unassigned until the teacher chooses to do so. There is a setting to hide gradebook totals, but what we’d really like is for students to start out with no assignments due, and no percentage/letter grade applied until the first assignment is completed.

Am I missing a setting somewhere?


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Hello @jbarr 

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas Community! I apologize that students are showing 0's in all courses. That sounds super stressful. 

There might be a few things you can check on this. The gradebook history should show some small signs of what may have caused this to happen. If the grader is listed as "Not Available" it usually indicates that an automated process such as a late or missing policy may have been applied.

I'm not entirely sure if this is what occurred in your courses, but from my personal experience this will usually happen one of the policies was enabled, and the course assignments were published before the due dates on items were adjusted. Sometimes this will happen if a course was copied from a previous year and the due dates were not removed, or adjusted correctly before publishing in the live course.

To save some time and heartache, I always recommend that instructors double check their due dates before publishing anything to avoid issues down the road as the course ramps up and goes into session. 


Hopefully this helps a bit! 


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