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I have "Complete All Items in the Module" set as a requirement for my modules, but it does not appear that Canvas is honoring that setting. When I'm in student view, only the first page in the module is receiving a check mark indicating it has been viewed, even when all the pages have been viewed. The only thing i notice is that all the subsequent pages are indented. This is because  my first page is an overview of the module and I want to show that everything else is subsidiary to the overview page.  If indenting the items means Canvas ignores them as items, that's really dumb. The setting is "ALL items" in the module. 😞 Is my Canvas glitching? Should Canvas be checking off all the pages when I have this setting turned on, even if they are indented? 


I'm really frustrated that I can't find this information in the How to for this feature. 

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Community Team

Hi @tmckamey,

It sounds like you enabled the Students must complete all of these requirements setting in Module Settings. Did you also add item requirements for the specific assignments, pages, discussions, etc included in that module? (For more information, check out the Set Item Requirements step of the How do I add requirements to a module? guide) Any module items that are listed on that settings page can be assigned one of five requirement options: View the item, Mark as done, Contribute to the page, Submit the assignment, and Score at least. Hope that helps!


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