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Does Google Assignment LTI 1.3 work with Peer Review?

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Currently, there is not a way to do this because of how the LTI works (it doesn't put things in speedgrader). It is something that is discussed frequently on the Google Assignments board though.

To do this - I would make a force copy link of your starting Google Doc template, put the link in your instructions, set up your assignment and then choose your peer review settings. Choose "online submission - file upload" and it will work like you want. Students will submit their copy of the Google Doc and then be assigned a document to peer review (or however you set it up).


Chad Scott

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Community Team

Thank you @chadscott for helping @RichardKinsey with this question!

A Community Team member shared:
If the instructor embeds the Google LTI assignment in the RCE (check here for more info) and then selects the Online assignment type, they can select the Peer Review option.

I'm also linking to the Feature Idea request that is open and directly related to this question: Enable Peer Review feature with Google Assignment LTI 1.3 

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